Rexxar - Heroes of the Storm


Out in the wild, there is only the law of the jungle; survival depends on having a pack, on looking out for one another. Together with his loyal animal companions, the bear Misha and Spirit the hawk, he prowls the Nexus, always looking for the next challenge. The strength of the bear, the hawk's swiftness, and the hunter's cunning make them a formidable (and inseparable) team.

Rexxar's Primary and Heroic Abilities

  • (Q) Spirit Swoop: Rexxar lobs a tomahawk straight at his foes. If hit, enemies will be slowed for a few seconds.
  • (W) Misha, Charge!: Misha strikes at any nearby enemies, momentarily stunning anyone she hits.
  • (E) Mend Pet: Heals a significant portion of Misha's health.
  • (R1) Bestial Wrath: Misha receives a massive attack buff.
  • (R2) Unleash the Boars: Very similar to that OTHER spell, Unleash the Boars releases a single boar for each enemy in Rexxar's sights. The boars will track their prey and deal damage. On top of that, the enemy will be slowed and will be revealed on the mini-map for all of Rexxar's allies to find.

How to use Rexxar? Watch the video below.