DotA 6.79 Beta Download - Official Link by Icefrog

DotA 6.79 Beta - is a "public test version of 6.79" that has been officially released by Icefrog "to help increase bug testing coverage before the official version is published".

Icefrog also said that "Certain bugs can be discovered in single player games while others will require full 5v5 games."

What can we do to help?
Simply download and play DotA 6.79 Beta and post your comments below.

How to test 5v5 multiplayer games?
1. Download and install Sandboxie.
2. Create a copy of the WC3 - Frozen Throne in a different folder.
2. Run WC3 as usual, and the copied WC3 in Sandboxie.
3. Create LAN game in the first and join it in the second.

DotA 6.79 changelogs can be found here.

Test 6:
6.79_Test6.w3x - latest beta version

Test 5:

Test 4:

Test 3:

Test 2:

Test 1: