RoboRoach - A Controllable Cockroach Cyborg

RoboRoach? What is that?

It is said to be "the world's first commercially available cyborg!", "A real-life Insect Cyborg! Part cockroach and part machine."

Roboroach sketch

Roboroach actual image

How RoboRoach works?

Roboroach controlled by phone

An electronic device is attached on the back of the cockroach that sends electrical pulses, "spikes", to its antennas.

Roboroach antenna pulses

"When you send the command from your mobile phone, the backpack sends pulses to the antenna, which causes the neurons to fire, which causes the roach to think there is a wall on one side. The result? The roach turns! Microstimulation is the same neurotechnology that is used to treat Parkinson’s Disease and is also used in Cochlear Implants."

Roboroach antenna neurons

Roboroach in action