StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide

DISCLAIMER 1: This guide may contain SPOILERS. As this is a mission mechanics guide, I don't really talk about much beyond what's listed in the achievement descriptions in-game, but still, you have been warned.

DISCLAIMER 2: This guide is mostly comprised of what I have personally observed, with a few additions from forum threads. I don't make any guarantees of accuracy, but if you see any inaccurate information, please post so I can correct it.

StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide

After beating the campaign and logging onto the forums, I noticed there have been quite a bit of confusion regarding campaign achievements, especially Liberty Completionist and HUIRN. This guide is intended to clear up any misinformation regarding achievements and provide suggestions on the best way to unlock various achievements.


Always, ALWAYS play while connected to Battlenet. Actions taken in offline mode do not count towards achievements. If you ever get a message saying connectivity has been lost, immediately pause the game and wait for the connection to be restored. (An easy way to check if you're connected is to press F9 for the Achievements menu.)

While the game only tracks your current campaign on the Single Player homepage, you can start a new campaign at any time, and you can swap between multiple campaigns by using saves and loads. Managing save files for multiple campaigns makes obtaining certain achievements much easier.


This is the list of all 29 missions in the campaign, how to unlock them, and what achievements are tied to them. For the "complete all mission objectives" achievements, all optional objectives will be listed (obviously you'll have all main objectives cleared if you beat the mission).

Missions are put into one of seven story arcs: Mar Sara missions, Colonist missions, etc. Each story arc has a line of missions that must be completed in order, but you can jump back and forth between arcs as much as you like. Exceptions: You must complete the Mar Sara plot line before starting other plot lines, and once the first Final mission has begun all other missions are cut off.

Once a mission is beaten it is available in the Archive on the Hyperion bridge. You can replay the mission to earn any of the three achievements associated with that mission, or to beat the mission on a higher difficulty for Liberty Completionist.

NOTE: There seems to be a bug where beating a mission on Hard or Brutal in the Archive will sometimes not give credit towards the Hard 5+ or Brutal 5+ achievements. It's unknown what exactly causes them to not register. Liberty Completionist does not seem to be affected by this bug.

There are three points where you must choose between two objectives. This choice is made before the mission begins, and once made, is irrevocable. Beating the chosen mission will unlock BOTH missions in your Archive, so you can go back and beat the other one for Completionist status. These three missions are Haven (Safe Haven / Haven's Fall), New Folsom (Breakout / Ghost of a Chance), and Char Mission #2 (Belly of the Beast / Shatter the Sky).

Additionally, there is a secret mission in the Rebellion plot line, "Piercing the Shroud". To unlock it, you must play the "Media Blitz" mission and destroy the Science Facility in the lower right corner of the map. Apparently this MUST be done on your first playthrough of the mission, doing it from the Archive will not unlock the secret mission.


  • Mar Sara Missions: Complete the mission Zero Hour
  • Mar Sara Mastery: Complete all nine Mar Sara achievements
Mar Sara Mission 1: Liberation Day
Planet: Mar Sara
Unlock: Start the campaign
Primary reward: none
Secondary reward: none
Unit unlocked: Marine

  • Liberation Day: Destroy 6 Dominion Holoboards
  • Raynor's Back: Kill 5 enemy units with Raynor on Normal
  • Down with Mengsk: Kill every enemy unit on Hard
Mar Sara Mission 2: The Outlaws
Planet: Mar Sara
Unlock: Beat Liberation Day
Primary reward: 45000 credits
Secondary reward: none
Unit unlocked: Medic

  • The Outlaws: Rescue the rebels
  • Cash Reward: Collect all Mineral and Gas Pallet pickups on Normal
  • Be Quick or Be Dead: Complete on Hard in less than 10 minutes
Mar Sara Mission 3: Zero Hour
Planet: Mar Sara
Unlock: Beat The Outlaws
Primary reward: 55000 credits
Secondary reward: none
Unit unlocked: Bunker

  • Zero Hour: Rescue 3 groups of rebels
  • Hold the Line: Complete on Normal without losing or salvaging a structure
  • The Best Defense...: Destroy 4 Zerg Hatcheries on Hard


  • Dr. Ariel Hanson Missions: Complete either Safe Haven or Haven's Fall
  • Colonist Mastery: Complete all twelve Colonist achievements
Colonist Mission 1: The Evacutation
Planet: Agria
Unlock: Beat Zero Hour
Primary reward: 100000 credits
Secondary reward: 3 Zerg Research
Unit unlocked: Firebat

  • The Evacuation: Collect 3 Chrysalis DNA
  • Handled with Care: Complete on Normal without losing a Transport Truck
  • Sacrifice Nothing: Complete on Hard without losing or salvaging a structure

Colonist Mission 2: Outbreak

Planet: Meinhoff
Unlock: Beat The Evacuation
Primary reward: 110000 credits
Secondary reward: 2 Zerg Research
Unit unlocked: Hellion

  • Outbreak: Complete all objectives
  • 28 Minutes Later: Complete on Normal before the 5th night
  • Army of Darkness: Destroy 15 Infested structures at nighttime on Hard

Colonist Mission 3a: Safe Haven

  • Safe Haven: Complete all objectives
  • You Shall Not Pass: Save 3 Colonist Outposts on Normal
  • My Precious!: Save 2 Colonist Outposts on Hard

Colonist Mission 3b: Haven's Fall

  • Haven's Fall: Complete all objectives
  • Outpatient: Complete with 3 settlements protected on Normal
  • House Call: Complete with 5 settlements protected on Hard


  • Gabriel Tosh Missions: Complete either Breakout or Ghost of a Chance
  • Covert Mastery: Complete all twelve Covert achievements

Covert Mission 1: The Devil's Playground

Planet: Redstone III
Unlock: Beat either The Evacuation or Smash and Grab
Primary reward: 110000 credits
Secondary reward: 3 Zerg Research
Unit unlocked: Reaper

  • The Devil's Playground: Complete all objectives
  • Red Lobster: Kill the Brutalisk with lava on Normal
  • Reaper Man: Locate all of Tosh's Crew on Hard

Covert Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle

  • Welcome to the Jungle: Complete all objectives
  • Appetite for Destruction: Prevent the Protoss from killing an SCV on Normal
  • It's So Easy: Prevent the Protoss from capping a Tal'darim Altar on Hard

Covert Mission 3a: Breakout

  • Breakout: Complete all objectives
  • Cool Hand Tosh: Complete without Tosh going below 100 life on Normal
  • Jailhouse Rock: Complete on Hard in less than 25 minutes

Covert Mission 3b: Ghost of a Chance
  • Ghost of a Chance: Complete all objectives
  • Dominate Tricks: Use Dominated units to kill at least 15 enemy troops on Normal
  • Total Protonic Reversal: Kill every enemy on Hard


  • Matt Horner Missions: Complete the mission Media Blitz
  • Rebellion Mastery: Complete all fifteen Rebellion achievements

Rebellion Mission 1: The Great Train Robbery

  • The Great Train Robbery: Complete all objectives
  • Bully the Bullies: Kill the Marauder Kill Team on Normal
  • Silver Streak: Complete without letting a Train pass by on Hard

Rebellion Mission 2: Cutthroat

  • Cutthroat: Complete all objectives
  • Minesweeper: Kill 25 total units with Spider Mines on Normal
  • Solitaire: Don't train additional SCVs before purchasing Han's contract on Har

Rebellion Mission 3: Engine of Destruction

  • Engine of Destruction: Complete all objectives
  • Kicking Asgard: Destroy the Loki on Normal
  • Ragnarok & Roll: Don't let the Odin drop below 30% of its total life on Hard

Rebellion Mission 4: Media Blitz

  • Media Blitz: Complete all objectives
  • Seek & Destroy: Destroy an enemy Barracks, Factory, and Starport during the sneak attack on Normal
  • Blitzkrieg: Complete the mission on Hard in less than 20 minutes

Rebellion Mission SECRET: Piercing the Shroud

  • Piercing the Shroud: Complete all objectives
  • Not So Brutalisk: Kill the Brutalisk without losing a unit on Normal
  • Lock and Load: Locate all 13 weapon pickups on Hard


  • The Artifact: Complete the mission Maw of the Void
  • Artifact Mastery: Complete all fifteen Artifact achievements

Artifact Mission 1: Smash and Grab

Planet: Monlyth
Unlock: Beat Zero Hour
Primary reward: 110000 credits
Secondary reward: 4 Protoss Research
Unit unlocked: Marauder

  • Smash and Grab: Find 4 Protoss Relics
  • Rock Solid: Complete the mission on Normal without losing a unit to a Protoss Stone Guardian
  • Hit & Run: Complete the mission on Hard in less than 15 minutes

Artifact Mission 2: The Dig

  • The Dig: Complete all objectives
  • Drill Hard: Kill 20 enemy units with the Laser Drill on Normal
  • Yippie-ki-yay...: Destroy 50 Protoss structures on Hard

Artifact Mission 3: The Moebius Factor

  • The Moebius Factor: Complete all objectives
  • Alive Inside!: Locate all the Moebius survivors on Normal
  • Hard Core: Complete before Kerrigan destroys 6 Abandoned Structures on Hard

Artifact Mission 4: Supernova

  • Supernova: Complete all objectives
  • Cool Running: Complete on Normal without losing a unit to the wall of fire
  • Shock 'n' Awe: Kill 75 enemy units or structures with cloaked Banshees on Hard

Artifact Mission 5: Maw of the Void

  • Maw of the Void: Complete all objectives
  • I Have the Power: Destroy all Rip-Field Generators on Normal
  • Master of the Universe: Complete without losing a unit inside the Rip-Field on Hard


  • Ihan Crystal: Acquire an Ihan Crystal
  • Zeratul Missions: Complete the mission In Utter Darkness
  • Prophecy Mastery: Complete all twelve Prophecy achievements

Prophecy Mission 1: Whispers of Doom

  • Whispers of Doom: Complete all objectives
  • Stalker Delight: Complete on Normal with 3 or more Stalkers
  • Merely a Flesh Wound: Complete on Hard without Zeratul suffering life damage

Prophecy Mission 2: A Sinister Turn

  • A Sinister Turn: Complete all objectives
  • Out for Justice: Kill all Protoss on Normal
  • Maar-ked for Death: Complete on Hard in less than 25 minutes

Prophecy Mission 3: Echoes of the Future

  • Echoes of the Future: Complete all objectives
  • Army of One: Complete with Zeratul killing 50 Zerg units on Normal
  • Overmind Dead Body: Complete on Hard in less than 20 minutes

Prophecy Mission 4: In Utter Darkness

  • In Utter Darkness: Complete all objectives
  • Semi-Glorious: Kill 1750 Zerg units on Normal
  • Blaze of Glory: Kill 2250 Zerg units on Normal


  • Wings of Liberty: Complete the mission All In
  • Final Mastery: Complete all twelve Final achievements

Final Mission 1: Gates of Hell

  • Gates of Hell: Complete all objectives
  • The Big Bang Cannon: Destroy all the Spore Cannons on Normal
  • Dominion Roundup: Rescue 10 Drop-Pods of Dominion Troops on Hard

Final Mission 2a: Belly of the Beast

  • Belly of the Beast: No optional objectives, just beat the mission
  • Unbreakable: Complete without letting a hero fall Incapacitated on Normal
  • One Shot, Fifty Kills!: Kill 50 units with a single Penetrator Round on Hard

Final Mission 2b: Shatter the Sky

  • Shatter the Sky: Complete all objectives
  • Demolition Man: Complete without losing a unit to a Platform explosion on Normal
  • Speed Too!: Complete on Hard in less than 25 minutes

Final Mission 3: All In

  • All In: Complete all objectives
  • Burn and Turn: Kill 150 Zerg units with the Artifact on Normal
  • Aces High: Use the Artifact only once on Hard


  • Liberty Completionist Normal: Complete all 29 missions on Normal
  • Hard 5/10/15/20/25: Complete 5/10/15/20/25 missions on Hard
  • Brutal 5/10/15/20/25: Complete 5/10/15/20/25 missions on Brutal
  • Liberty Completionist Hard: Complete all 29 missions on Hard
  • Liberty Completionist Brutal: Complete all 29 missions on Brutal

Remember that any mission can be replayed from the Archive on any difficulty to work towards Completionist, but you must have beaten the mission through the campaign normally.

See the earlier note regarding the bug with Hard 5 and Brutal 5.

When you play a "choice" mission, both choices are added to the archive.

Don't forget about the secret mission "Piercing the Shroud".

Hurry Up It's Raid Night: Complete the WoL campaign under 8 hours of total played mission time on Normal

The best way to do this is to start a new campaign and only play the plot lines required for completion.

I'm not sure if going back and reducing your clear time with the Archive after beating the campaign can trigger HUIRN- outside confirmation would be appreciated.

  • Nice Suit: Talk to Findlay after boarding the Hyperion
  • Dead Man's Hand: Talk to Horner when the Cutthroat mission becomes available
  • Couch Surfer: View 10 television news broadcasts
  • Just check the TV in the cantina after every mission
  • Stay Awhile and Listen: Start a conversation with each of the following:
  • Dr. Ariel Hanson (before finishing Colonist missions)
  • Matt Horner (before entering Final missions)
  • Horace Warfield (Final missions only)
  • Rory Swann (before entering Final missions)
  • Gabriel Tosh (before finishing Covert missions)
  • Tychus Findlay (any time)

  • Lost Viking Bronze/Silver/Gold: Score 125000/250000/500000 points on Lost Viking
  • Terra-tron Terrorized: Beat the Terra-tron on Lost Viking

  • Base Tech Master: Purchase 8 base upgrades
  • Infantry Tech Master: Purchase 10 infantry upgrades
  • Vehicle Tech Master: Purchase 10 vehicle upgrades
  • Starship Tech Master: Purchase 10 starship upgrades
  • Dominion Tech Master: Purchase 4 Dominion upgrades

On your first playthrough of the game, save your credits until you've unlocked all units. Save your game, then buy every upgrade in a category to get the achievement. Reload and repeat for the other four categories, plus mercenaries. The only other option is to earn your upgrades across multiple campaigns, since you will NOT have enough credits to buy everything in one go.

There have been instances where I've obtained the credit reward for a mission multiple times by playing it through the Archive, but it doesn't happen every time so I don't know if it's a bug or intended.

Master Mechanic: Unlock the above five achievements

Band of Legends: Purchase all seven Mercenary contracts

  • Zerg Xenobiology: Complete 5 Zerg research projects
  • Protoss Xenobiology: Complete 5 Protoss research projects

Zerg and Protoss upgrades can be purchased as soon as they're available- what you pick doesn't affect achievement availability.

Do keep in mind that once you select an upgrade, the opposite upgrade is permanently unavailable (unless you start a new campaign).

Master Technician: Unlock the above two achievements


Add notes on all mission requirements and rewards (will do this as I play through the campaign again)

List all optional objectives for each mission in place of the "Complete mission objectives" line in achievements

Confirm requirements for obtaining HUIRN

Add or fix any additional info contributed by others