Paper Shooter - Paper Toy for the Big Boys

DIY Cardboard Rifle

- Includes mould to make 'soft splat' ammo from ordinary paper!
- Airsoft performance- NO MESS! (Biodegradable Ammo)
- Shoots up to 75ft!
- Spring Powered- High Accuracy Precision Firing!
- Ejecting shells!
- Ammo sticks to the target- always know what you've hit!
- Includes ZOMBIE Head Target
- Ultra Safe! (Rifle Features safety catch)

Additional Magazines with shells are $10: More firing- less reloading!

Kit Includes:

- Plastic shape (skeleton) and all internal mechanics
- Layer one Camo Skin (with rivets/ screws to attach to plastic)
- Layer two Camo Skin (glues onto layer one to add significant detail)
- 8 Gold Shells with 50 pcs of pre made 'soft splat' ammo
- Mould to make 'soft splat' ammo from ordinary paper (never need run out of pellets)
- Zombie head Target

TIP: Luminous paper in the Zombie Blaster shells is awesome!

This is a fantastic premium quality product- not like the cheap plastic blasters in toy stores!

Paper Shooter

Paper Shooter

Paper Shooter

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