DotaKeys 1.4-0.2.0 Download

DotaKeys 1.4 - is a tool that allows you to remap hotkeys into your own DotA keys.

How to Use DotaKeys?
  1. Run Editor from Main Window
  2. Type required hotkeys to edits. Only a..z, 0..9 and some special keys (like SPACE,home etc) are allowed.
  3. Now press "Save" and "Exit" then wait until DotaKeys load Main Window

What are the Default Keys?
  • q,w,e,r for Skills
  • a,s,d,f for Commands ( move, stop... )
  • 2,3,4,5 for Items
  • Z for "toggle life bars"

Where to download DotaKeys 1.4-0.2.0?

Click here : Dotakeys 1.4-0.2.0