DotA 6.74c 1.3b AI Map Download

DotA 6.74c 1.3b AI is the first patch released where all contents from 6.73 and 6.74 were successfully added.

DotA 6.74c 1.3b AI Map Changelogs
  • Attempt-fix: Nevermore`s Requiem of Souls no damage
  • Fixed: Magi keep Unrefined Fireblast after dropping Aghanim`s
  • Fixed: Techies don't Detonate after having Scepter
  • Fixed: Techies walking through creeps' barrage to put mine
  • Fixed: BoT used to nearby units
  • Attempt-fix: AI spells against corpses
  • Fixed: Extra vision over secret shops fixed
  • New debug command: -dbg [Player ID]. Use to filter all messages by player ID. This will also immediately clear all screen messages and display all past record from corresponding player (visible via Single Player or Replay in Log). Max 50 records.
  • Fixed: AI Item duplication in -pm
  • Fixed: AI buying more than 1 detector item.
  • Fixed: AI teleporting to nearby units.
  • Fixed: AI building more than 6 luxuries
  • Fixed: AI leaving BoT in base
  • Fixed: Visage's Aghanim not recognized as priority 100 (in further development, all new Aghanim will be recognized automatically)
  • Fixed: AI dropping items which can change state (e.g. Heart, Dagger, Tranquil Boots, Linken, BKB, Bottle, Thread, Basilus, etc.)
  • Fixed: Pipe being used randomly
  • Fixed: Meepo clones using BoT
  • Tweaked: Item builds by Green
  • Added: dodge mech against Sprout
  • Fixed: Venge's Nether Swap targetting creeps
  • Fixed: Fixed Scourge AI going to forbidden lanes specified by -nm -nt -nb
  • Fixed: AI ganking enemies in forbidden lanes.
  • Fixed: non-working Linken Sphere.
  • Fixed: final scoreboard icons on player who doesn't select hero.
  • Fixed: AI not using Dragon Tail. New skillbuild for DK.
  • Fixed: teleporation-style battle assist to nearby allies.
  • Added: anti-item-dupe mech
  • Attempt: to prevent invisible heroes from breaking invisibility when retreating.
  • Added: Refraction to dodge incoming spells.
  • Fixed: item system: item charges not replenished properly, anti-dupe potential problem with Bear.
  • Replaced: Destroyer's Jango with Force Staff.
  • Minor bugfixes on item system.
  • Minor tweak on ganking behaviour.
  • Minor tweak on Storm's ulti mechanism.
  • Pulled AI fountain waypoint backward (nearer to fountain).
  • Fixed: Gem/Ward/Dust bug.
  • Fixed: dupe bugs for Player 1 and Player 6 in -cm
  • Tweak: leftmost and rightmost AI movement before leaving base in -cm.
  • Fixed: disabled -swap after first item bought. Before, -swap was disabled when first creep wave spawned and human player could swap with AI already bought items. Also a minor fix to the official code... the setting time function: time is set now according to first_creep_wave_spawned boolean, and not the swap_timer_expired boolean.(last minute fix)

DotA 6.74c 1.3b AI Map download link:
DotA v6.74c AI 1.3.w3x - English