How to Install phpUnderControl

Setting Up and Configuring phpUnderControl - this tutorial will teach us how to install phpUnderControl.

phpUnderControl is an addon application for the continuous integration tool CruiseControl, which integrates some of the best PHP development tools. This project aims to make your first steps with CruiseControl and PHP as easy as possible. Therefore phpUnderControl comes with a command line tool that performs all modifications to an existing CruiseControl installation.


Create a folder based on phpUnderControl version that you're going to use. As of to this writing phpUnderControl version is 0.5.1
mkdir /opt/phpUnderControl-0.5.1

Get the latest stable version.

Download and unpack
unzip -d /opt/phpUnderControl-x.x.x/

Symbolic link
ln -s /opt/phpUnderControl-x.x.x /opt/phpUnderControl

Patch CruiseControl

Before patching CruiseControl, make sure that there are no running instance of CruiseControl Server.

To patch CruiseControl with phpUnderControl, simply run this command.
php /opt/phpUnderControl/bin/phpuc.php install /opt/cruisecontrol


Start the CruiseControl Server.

Reload CruiseControl page

If everything goes well, you should be able to access the main page with a new look powered by phpUnderControl.